Feeling Swamped? Delegate Your Tasks Today!

Dalligator is your own personal marketing machine

Dalligator is your own personal marketing machine

Delegate your marketing tasks into our pond of experts.

Gone are the days of overtime, missed deadlines and wearing too many hats. Not one person can be a designer, web guru, illustrator, advertising genius AND run a successful business all at the same time.

That’s why Dalligator exists. We do what you don’t have time to do.

Your time is your most endangered asset.

When your precious time is on the line, Dalligator glides in to save the day!

We’ll fiercely protect it by delegating your marketing tasks into our pond of experts, giving you the freedom to focus on more important work.

So, what can you delegate to us?

If it’s a marketing task, we’ve got you covered — Dalligator is your one-stop-shop for marketing support.

You can rely on us for advertising tasks, social media tasks, graphic design tasks, web tasks and so much more…

You’ll be surprised by what the Dalligator experts can do for you. Ask us anything!

Tasks that take you hours or even days to work out, will typically take one of our experts 15-60 minutes to complete!

Content creation

When it comes to content, you can leave it up to us! We’ll whip up eye-catching graphic designs & simple animated posts that will make your social accounts and eDMs pop!

Design & Creative

Social Media post artwork, designs for online ads , photography, video editing, the list goes on.

Social media posts

To make sure the world knows about your new store, we’ll design social media posts for you to share.

Flyers and brochures

Setup and post them out to your mailing list.

Post scheduling

You’re probably too busy to post yourself, so we’ve got your back! Send us a few dot points and we'll whip up a super engaging post for you!

Boosting your posts

The most efficient way of reaching people through social media is targeted advertising. We’ll know who your ideal customer is and will create ads that get in front of exactly the right people, with visuals that will engage and excite them. The aim here is building brand awareness and increasing sales.

eCommerce Store updates

Owning a website can feel daunting, but not with us! We can help by updating pages and adding new products!

Web & Digital

We know the digital space - email signatures, webpage banners and sliders, landing pages, and a whole lot more!

Setup online profiles

Looking to build up your online presence? We can create or adjust your social media profiles. We'll make sure your brand looks the part and is consistently applied across the web.

How does it work?

Step #1

Consult with an expert

All Dalligator customers get their own dedicated marketing consultant! We’ll get together to discuss your brief and objectives, and get them ready to be delegated out as actionable bite sized tasks.

Skip this step if you know exactly what you need!

Step #2

Delegate your task

Send us your brief along with any supporting content, images or documentation. Your dedicated marketing consultant will make sure the task is super clear and will assign it to one of our in-house experts.

Is it really that simple!?

Step #3

Review and sign-off

When a task has been completed we’ll let you know that it’s ready for review and sign-off. If you need any further changes then don’t sweat it! We’ll get them turned around quick sharp!

Now get thinking about the next task you want to delegate!

Step #2

Ask an expert​

All Dalligator customers get their own dedicated expert! We’ll get together to discuss stats & brainstorm content ideas to boost awareness of your business and increase the chance of sales!​

Step #3

Send us your brief along with any supporting content, images and products

Nobody visits a store if they don’t know about it, so we’ve included marketing options for you to spread the word!

We’ll design flyers, brochures, emails and social media posts for you.


Task complete! Say goodbye to your busy workload and missed deadlines

Who uses Dalligator?

Busy CEO

Corporate Teams

Time is money for executives. They out outsource to us and expect quality work at affordable prices.

Busy Marketer

Focussed Marketers

With a full plate of ongoing work, marketing teams offload work to us they either can’t do, or when it comes to design, shouldn’t be expected to!

Business Owners

Business owners excel at running their business, leaving little time for marketing or design. That’s where we come in.

Ready for less stress, 
more time and better work?

We have marketing support plans to lighten any workload!

Mini Dally

Must-have marketing support for busy business owners and teams.
$ 660
per month
  • Up to 6 tasks per month
  • General Marketing Tasks
  • Content Creation
  • Social Posts
  • Graphic Design Tasks
  • Web Tasks
  • Free Stock Images
  • No lock-in contract
  • 1 Tasks on the go
  • 3 Day Turn Around
  • Support via email
  • Your own account manager
Prices inclusive of GST // Terms and Conditions Apply

Big Dally

Better insights for growing businesses that want more customers
$ 1100
per month
  • Up to 10 tasks per month
  • All Mini features
  • 3 Tasks on the go
  • 2 Day Turn Around
  • Reporting
  • Support via live chat
  • Copywriting
  • Animated Social Posts
Prices inclusive of GST // Terms and Conditions Apply

King Dally

Advanced support for businesses who want zero stress
$ 1760
per month
  • Up to 16 tasks per month
  • All Mini & Big features
  • 4 Tasks on the go
  • 1 Day Turn Around
  • Marketing Insights
  • Priority support via phone
  • Basic video editing
Prices inclusive of GST // Terms and Conditions Apply

What our users say

"I was at a point where I almost closed my business... Luckily, the Dalligator team swooped in and saved the day! Transitioning my physical store to an online website is something I never could have done on my own, so I'm indebted to their invaluable help"
Trevor Allwright
Business Owner