Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get found online with help from Dalligator experts!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get found online with help from Dalligator experts!

Why does SEM matter?

Search Engine Marketing, more commonly referred to as SEM, is one of the most important marketing channels to generate traffic to your website.

Instantly increase your website traffic, generate enquiries and grow your business with our team of online marketing experts.

So how does it work?

Target your ads

We’ll use words or phrases relevant to your products and service, which are used to show your ads when customers search for those terms or visit relevant websites.

Measure your success

If someone clicks your ad, you’ll know. If they click your ad and then did something valuable to your business – purchased your product or fill out a form – you can track that too.

Fish where the fish are

Digital advertising now makes up more than half of Australia’s total advertising expenditure. Search advertising has the biggest growth and makes up 45% of all digital advertising.

Control your costs

You get to control how you spend your money. There’s no minimum. And you can choose how much you spend per month, per day, and per ad. You’ll only pay when someone clicks your ad.

Increase brand awareness

In addition to boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions, it is also an efficient way to tell people about your brand and what you do.

Your own dedicated expert

Unlike our competitors, we don’t leave you in the dark to manage it all yourself — we’re here to support and chat with you from day one! You can rely on us to do a bang-up job everytime.

What’s an example of SEM?

Meet Steve, a humble organic veggie store owner.

Steve never seemed to be able to compete with Joe and his budget produce until he started Search Engine Marketing.

Now most of his customers find him through Google Search!

SEM Example

And here’s how it all works...

Step #1

Strategy & Campaign Planning

Working with your very own expert, together we’ll discuss your business goals, budget for spending on ads, and work out your ideal target audience.

SEM Setup

Step #2

We get started on the technical stuff

Soon after our initial meeting, we start implementing technical tracking codes on your website, social media platforms and more!

This is an essential step in finding out who visits you and then how we serve ads to them.

Step #3

Design & copywriting for your ads

This part’s critical — in order for your ads to be super successful, you’ll need eye-catching visuals and persuasive copywriting.

You can leave this up to the Dalligator team!


Step #4

Set your advertising budget

The last step is to decide how much money you need to put behind your ads. We can guide you through this important decision.

Lastly, we launch your new ads!

Once your new advertising campaign is out in the world, we monitor progress and report back to you with data on how well everything is tracking. We then make adjustments each month, as needed.

Ok, let’s make some ads and get customers to your website!

Our expert team have knowledge of all the popular platforms to advertise on. Whether it’s Google or Facebook & Instagram, we’ve got you covered.

Google Ads Management

Over 95% of all searches on the internet begin with a Google search.
$ 549
Plus $549 Setup Fee
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Ads App Campaigns
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting
- Prices inclusive of GST -
- Minimum 3 Month Period -
- Terms and Conditions Apply -

Facebook & Instagram Management

Unparalleled insights into customer interests.
$ 549
Plus $549 Setup Fee
  • Company & Campaign Page Setup
  • Management & Optimisation
  • Display Campaigns
  • Retargeting/Remarketing
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting
- Prices inclusive of GST -
- Minimum 3 Month Period -
- Terms and Conditions Apply -

Bundled Ads Management

Leave no customer unaccounted for with the big ad bundle!
$1098 $ 990
Plus $990 Setup Fee
  • Full Ad Management
  • Google Ads Management​
  • Facebook Ads Management​
  • Instagram Ads Management​
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting
- Prices inclusive of GST -
- Minimum 3 Month Period -
- Terms and Conditions Apply -

Frequently asked questions

In a nutshell, Search Engine Marketing (or SEM), is a marketing tactic where you advertises your website online in order to appear higher in customer search results.

SEO is essentially just one part of SEM. The key distinction is that SEM is a broader strategy which combines paid search ads and SEO tactics.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is how you optimise your website so search engines can find it more efficiently and easily. Doing SEO correctly gives you a greater chance of appearing organically higher in a potential customer’s search results. Without it, you might be on page 6, or even 20. No one will find you without good SEO or SEM.

How SEO works continually changes due to the frequent updates made by Google to its search algorithm. But, there is one aspect of SEO that stays constant: SEO is made up of On-Page and Off-Page activities — what’s on your actual website and how you link back to it (social media, blogs, media mentions, etc…)

While SEO is great for appearing organically in a customer’s search results, online advertising (SEM) allows you to target specific promotional content to the audience of your choosing. SEM combines both benefits as your content is optimised for higher search rankings and is placed primarily in front of audiences who are most likely to convert after they click on your ads.

The key distinction is that SEM is a broader strategy which combines paid search and SEO tactics. So, if you set up a PPC advertisement, but don’t take steps to optimize the ad or the website it links to, this is a standard example of paid search. However, if you optimize your site and your search content with solid keywords, then you put money behind it to boost it on targeted audience’s search pages, then you’re dabbling in SEM.

Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 20 global data centres. Everything is interconnected over their premium tier network, designed to minimise distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of your data.

Choose between 20 global data centre locations for each of your WordPress installs. Position your sites closer to your visitors for lower latency and faster page load times. Most of our Australian customers choose to host their sites on the Sydney data centre.

Our SEO work is made up of various activities:

  1. Working out which keywords best describe your business and what your customers are searching for
  2. Work those into title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, alt text for images, etc.
  3. Blog posts and page copy that is written and optimised
  4. Clean formatting of all page URLS (
  5. Optimise the loading speed of your pages
  6. Social sharing integration within your content
  7. And more!
  • Creating high quality, natural backlinks to your website (requesting other high quality/authoritative sites to link to your site)
  • Social sharing
  • Social bookmarking
  • And the list goes on!

Well, the answer is both 😉

Many marketers will argue one is better than the other. But we know that the best approach is to use both paid SEM tactics with organic SEO. It gives your website the best fighting chance!

What our users say

"I was at a point where I almost closed my business... Luckily, the Dalligator team swooped in and saved the day! Transitioning my physical store to an online website is something I never could have done on my own, so I'm indebted to their invaluable help"
Trevor Allwright
Business Owner